Technický dozor, poradenská a konzultačná činnosť

Komplexné služby

Projektový manažment a manažment výstavby

Komplexné služby

Project Management Services

1. Analysis (preparation phase)

Project documents analysis, Risk assessment, Cost estimation, Technical and financial feasibility studies, Technical audits, Strategic decision-making assistance and support

2. Pre-construction phase

Design management / Document control, Time scheduling, Cost estimation, budgets, and financial models, Managing and monitoring procedures during the construction permit process (zoning and planning permits, building permits), Procurement management and administration, Assistance in Contracting

3. Construction phase

Construction site hand-over, Site work Management and supervision, Quality control, Time-schedule Monitoring and evaluation, Kontrola a riadenie časových vzťahov, Document handling and administration, Management of changes, Project Administration, Reporting, Cost management and Cost control, Managing the hand-over process, Handling the final inspection and operation permits

4. Project Completion

Claim management, Operation and maintenance document management, Final bill management control, Detailed scope of services

Technical supervision of the investor

  • negotiating with contractors, organizing regular inspection days with written records
  • tracking the keeping of construction logs, • collecting and recording building documentation, distributing updated information to individual participants in the construction
  • provision of the technical supervision of the construction so that the works on the construction are carried out in accordance with the contractual documentation (projects, specifications, time schedules, technological procedures, permit status, etc.)
  • control of material security and staffing so that the work complies with the Mandator’s requirements, applicable regulations and time schedules, supervision of compliance with occupational safety and security of construction
  • systematic quality control of materials and work performed
  • take over those parts of the work that will be covered or further covered become inaccessible with entry in the construction log

Other services

  • independent expert and bank monitor
    (ENG2 is accepted by SLSPUNI BankaTatrabanka, and VolksbankBawag leasing)
  • Independent technical and cost audits, technical and operation due diligence
  • Value engineering
  • Consultancy and advisory in construction and development
  • Construction engineering, feasibility studies