Project/Construction management

1. Analysis

Procurement and analysis of documents for the project, risk estimates and risk management, cost estimates, technical and financial feasibility studies, technical audit, documents for strategic decision-making

2. Preliminary phase

Design management/documentation peer-review, value-engineering, time schedules, financial estimates, budgets and financial models, provision of legislative procedures for building permits (zoning permits, building permits), preparation of tender documentation, organisation and evaluation of tenders, assistance commercial negotiations.

3. Construction phase

Handover of the construction site, Management and control of construction and assembly work, quality control, construction supervision, control and management of time relationships, documentation records, project change management, administration and archiving, costs and invoicing control, reporting, managing the takeover of the finished work, commissioning management, acceptance certification.

4. Project completion

Management of outstanding works and defects and removal, documentation for proper operation and maintenance, complaints management, final cost control

Technical supervision & monitoring of the investor

  • Negotiations with contractors, organisation of regular inspections and written records
  • Construction logbook monitoring, construction documentation administration and registration, distribution of updated information to individual participants in the construction
  • Technical supervision of the construction process so that the work is carried out in accordance with the contractual documentation (projects, specifications, time schedules, technological procedures, building permit, etc.)
  • Checking the materials and staffing, so that the work proceeds in accordance with the client’s requirements, applicable regulations and time schedules, HSSE supervision
  • Systematic quality control of materials and work performed

Other services

  • Independent engineering and cost expert services for Banks
  • Initial project documents review and regular loan drawdown control for projects financed by SLSP, UniCredit Bank, Tatra banka and Prima banka
  • Independent technical and cost audit at various stages of construction
  • Optimisation of technical solutions/price-performance ratio (value engineering)
  • Project assessment in terms of costs and funding, economisation of upcoming projects
  • Construction consulting and advisory services
  • Engineering services, feasibility studies and technical cost audits of projects for domestic and foreign clients
  • Building Energy efficiency Consultanccy and thermal Engineering Services for buildings
  • Energy performance certificate for buildings
  • Thermovision measurement (identification of potential problems) with evaluation and interpretation of results by a Certified Person
  • Energy audits for buildings.