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Na stavebnom trhu od roku 2002

ENG2 SR spol. s r.o.


ENG2 SR was founded in 2002. It operates in the field of Project/Construction management and monitoring, engineering and technical/construction supervision of all construction stages from defining the objectives, through feasibility studies, preparation, management and control of the construction itself, to commissioning.

In order to fulfil the client’s vision, we use known methods and systems for management and monitoring individual construction phases. We have developed and are improving control and management methods that minimise the risks.

Through our ENG2 Facility Management subsidiary, we can manage and control the operation and maintenance of construction works.

We provide experts with managerial experience in project management for Slovak and international clients, as well as technical experts experienced in the individual stages of the construction process. We can manage projects in accordance with FIDIC standards. We are perfectly acquainted with the legislation and the relevant procedures.

Our company is insured against professional misconduct up to EUR 1.5 million.


In the current construction and development market, we want to continue to keep the aims of the client and contribute to increasing the overall quality of construction and fulfilling the client’s objectives in terms of:

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Costs
  • Quality
  • Content

    Project will meet the Client’s visions and goals. Optimal technical solutions will be used, at appropriate cost

  • Time

    Works will be completed and handed over completed on time; schedules will be continuously monitored

  • Costs

    Project will be completed within agreed budget. Professional cost control system will be used.

  • Quality

    Works will meet valid technical and contractual standards.

Principles of our work

The company’s services are focused on client satisfaction and the fulfilment of their construction vision. We are by the client’s side for the entire construction process. We relieve the client of peripheral tasks and prepare the groundwork for effective managerial decisions. We propose solutions and risks assesment.

We also work to increase the professional and managerial level of our services. In cooperation with our partner, we work on the development of information software for the management and control of projects under construction.